Hastings Island Hunting Preserve
Hastings Island Hunting Preserve offers a number of options on pheasant cards. These options are designed to offer flexibility and cost saving opportunities to our members. Substantial discounts for cash and early payment are described on the second page of our membership application.

Our Regular Priced 20 and 40-Bird Cards are available through September 30th. There are discounts for cash and early payment.

Early Season 20-Bird Cards are a perfect choice for members willing to exchange a shorter pheasant hunting season for a substantial discount in bird price. You may purchase as many of the Early Season Cards as you wish, but keep in mind that all birds sold on these cards must be taken by mid-December (specific date will be posted on your application). After that date, early season cardholders will not be allowed to hunt pheasant for the remainder of the season, even as a guest of another member.

Late Season 20 and 40-Bird Cards are available after September 30th and allow members to hunt through the end of the season.

100-Bird Corporate Cards are available at regular and discount prices. Please contact the Club Office for details.

All cards must be paid in full prior to September 30th, or the first day you hunt, whichever comes first. If full payment is not received by that date, the price will increase to the Late Season Card price, and interest may be charged on your remaining balance. Please note that refunds on bird card deposits will not be issued after September 30th, for any reason.

If you would like to pay by credit card, we ask that you do so in person at the Club. As a security precaution, we do not take credit card payments by phone or facsimile.

We do not mail receipts for each payment made on your bird card. If you would like a receipt for your payment, please come into the Club Office.

Application Rules and Regulations

Photos: Rusty Reniers