Chukar Cards

Would you like to extend your hunting beyond the Club’s pheasant season?  Do you have a dog that you would like to train over live birds during the off-season?  Chukar are the perfect way to do both.

Spring at the Club is one of our favorite times of the year.  The weather is great, mostly sunny days with moderate temperatures.  With the formal pheasant season over, it is also a quieter time of year at the Club, when you can easily find yourself the only one in a field.

While we will happily tailor a Group Chukar Hunt to your needs, many Club Members do not realize that the Club also offers “chukar only” cards.  Chukar Cards are intended to expand your hunting opportunities at Hastings, but are not in lieu of your regular membership – in other words you need to already be a member of the Club in order to purchase a chukar card.

With a Chukar Card, we provide you with the number birds that you choose to train your dog on any given day.  For example, if you purchased a 20 Chukar card, you could elect to use just 4 birds to train over that day.  We provide you with the birds at the Clubhouse, but you will need to plant them.  Certainly, we can easily show you what to do, if you have not planted birds in the past – it’s easy.  All Chukar must be used at the Club, and you are not permitted to take live birds off of our property.

If you want us to plant the birds for you, then the Group Chukar Hunts are the way to go.  Just because we call them a “Group Hunt” doesn’t mean that it can’t be just one or two hunters.  The size of your group is up to you.

Chukar Cards are available throughout the entire year, although most hunters tend to train over Chukar after the regular pheasant season has finished in mid-March.  That being said, during the pheasant season, we have a designated field in which you can train your dog on chukar (but you may not use the Club’s “hunting” fields to train in during the season).

We sell 20 bird Chukar cards or you can pay on a per bird basis.  Current prices are as follows:

20 Chukar $480.00
Individual Chukar $25.00 per bird

Should you desire, Bird cleaning is available at the price of $5.25 per bird.  Pre-paid cleanings for pheasant may not be applied toward chukar.

For more details regarding Chukar Cards, and if they might be appropriate for your situation, please contact the Club Office at: (707) 678-3325.