Corporate Card Information

Hastings Island Hunting Preserve’s corporate card is a minimum of 100 birds, on which up to five people may be designated as hunters. Two of the named cardholders have the ability to attend the end of season cleanup hunt, where they may shoot up to 10 birds each at no additional cost.

Additional birds may be added to the corporate card in 20 bird increments, and there has been no limit on the number of birds you can add to the initial 100 bird card purchase. Note,  we would only institute a limit if we were unable to source the birds needed to fulfill the quantity requested, and this has never been a problem.

There will need to be one named designated party for your corporate card. The designated party will be the one who will complete and sign the application for the corporate card, and everyone else added to the card will then be authorized to hunt on corporate card.

The designated party will be charge of organizing the hunters on the card, and from the Club’s perspective, they will also do such things as in, paying for the card, informing the Club of who the other named hunters will be, identifying and naming who will attend the cleanup hunt, and allocating the birds for the members. For instance, this last point, you may be one of five people on a 100 bird card, but that will not entitle you to hunt 20 birds. The division of birds is between you and the designated party. Your arrangement with them might be to shoot one bird, all 100 birds, and or somewhere in between, the point is, the arrangement is between you and the designated party, and not you and Club.

The Club only accepts payment on corporate cards from the member acting as the designated party, and who submitted the application for corporate card. We will not accept partial payment to the card, or otherwise, from the other named cardholders. If you are a named hunter on the card, you will need to “settle up” with the person organizing your corporate card. The designated person is responsible for making sure the corporate club card has been paid, and until such time, no one on the card will be allowed to hunt until the card is paid in full and everyone named on the card has signed a current copy of the Club’s Rules and Regulations.

If anyone listed on the card is new to the Club, they will have to attend one of our New Member Orientations before they can hunt. If the card’s designated party listed on the card is also a new member of the Club, then no one on the card will be allowed to hunt, until the responsible party has taken the New Member Orientation.

We want to clarify the fact, for administrative purposes and ease to your “corporation”, you may have received a card that has both the corporation’s name and your name on it.  By receiving a card with your name on it does not automatically mean you are considered to be the responsible party on that card, nor that you are entitled to the specific amount of birds on that card, and to reiterate the number of birds that you are entitled to hunt is between you and the designated/responsible party.

More importantly, please understand that the designated/responsible party is the member of the Club.  Everyone else on the card is simply authorized to use that card.  While on the surface this would appear to be a simple clerical issue, it does have some very important implications.

If you violate the Club’s rules, it will directly reflect on the designated/responsible party. They should only be designating safe, responsible hunters on their corporate card. As you know, a violation of the Club’s Rules and Regulations may be cause for a member to lose his or her membership at the Club. By extension, if the responsible party of your corporate card commits a serious violation of the Club’s Rule and Regulations, which results in his or her membership being lost, the entire corporate card is forfeited. Based on our conversations, we have found that most named hunters on corporate cards have not considered this a potentially very important point. To date, this has never been an issue, but, the potential is there and we want to make sure you are aware of it.

Prepaid Bird Cleaning is required with the purchase of your corporate card.  Please check with the Club Office for the current price of Prepaid Cleanings.

If you are a named hunter on the corporate card, you are not a “member” of the Club and therefore have not been receiving our newsletters and other mailings. Going forward, we plan to keep a separate mailing list so you will receive all of our mailings. If you do not receive our newsletters or other mailings, please contact the Club office to confirm that we have your current contact information.

We hope this covers the main points of being part of a corporate card. Very few of the above points are new and even fewer of our members have previously encountered any problems relating to how we have administered the corporate cards. Nonetheless, we simply want to make sure you are fully informed about how this card works if you choose to utilize it.

If you have any questions regarding our corporate card, please feel free to contact the Club Manager, Danielle Earl.