Garmin (Tri-Tronics) Dog Collars

The Club is proud to be a licensed dealer of Garmin Collars. Although there are many different brands of dog collars available, the Club has consistently used and prefers the Garmin brand for its quality, reliability and warranty service. As you may know, Garmin purchased Tri-Tronics about 6 years ago.

There is a large range of Garmin products available, and the Club offers our Members very competitive pricing for any Garmin Collars. Among their variety, we have found the following models to be the best for regular Upland Game hunting:

Delta and Delta Sport: with a 3/4 mile range, these are perfect collars for working one dog while hunting in the Club’s varied cover.

Delta Upland: this model combines an excellent range of the regular Delta series with a tracking beeper that signals when a dog is on point.

Pro 70: this model offers the ability to work multiple dogs from a single handset, while extending the range to a full mile.

Pro 550: this model continues the ability to run multiple dogs from a single handset, but extends the range out to full 4 miles, offering complete control over all dogs being handled, at all times.

Astro 320: this is the best GPS-tracking collar on the market. It offers control over your dog, while tracking its location and run patterns for full 10 miles.

All of these Garmin models are AKC approved for use in the field.

Please visit Garmin’s website to read more about different collar models:, and call the Club when you are ready to order your collar, as our prices are very competitive, even when compared to online vendors!