FYDO Dog Beds

We were recently in need of a new dog bed for our hunting partner and re-discovered a great, very high-quality, locally made product line that we highly recommend. Dina Calloway owns and operates For Your Dog Only (FYDO) and has been making dog beds at her Berkeley facility since 1997.

We took the opportunity to stop by her production facility and see all the amazing fabrics that she offers and check out the process of how she makes her beds. Each bed is hand-made from high quality fabrics and cushioning. She has “bagel” beds, flat beds and dog mats in different shapes, sizes and fabrics. All of the fabrics are of excellent quality and the covers are completely removable for easy washing. The interior cushioning comes in different levels of fluff and firmness, and can be replaced in the future if needed. We have a 20+ year old bed that is still in great shape, and we wanted to get a firmer padding for a new dog.

We have seen FYDO’s product line in several high-end pet stores around the Bay Area, but you can also buy directly from Dina. If you are considering a high quality bed, in good looking fabrics, we highly recommend that you check out her product line: www.foryourdogsonly.com or (510) 527-6512

November 2021