Refund Policy

Hastings Island Hunting Preserve will provide you with a “no questions asked refund” of the amount you have paid toward your bird card (whether a deposit or the entire amount of your bird card, if you have paid in full) and your unused prepaid bird cleaning, until the earlier of your first hunt, or September 30th of the current season, whichever comes first.

Upon your first hunt and once you have shot any quantity of birds, we will not provide you with a refund, even if that occurs before September 30th.

But with the flexibility of the foregoing, please be aware that Hastings Island Hunting Preserve does not provide refunds for any reason, whatsoever, after September 30th in any given hunting season. This means ANY reason, including but not limited to: your change in health status, death, divorce, loss of job or relocation, death of your dog or its inability to hunt; the Club’s bird breeders’ inability to deliver birds for which the Club has contracted, due to any reason, including but not limited to: avian influenza, disease, governmental regulations restricting the transport of birds, or other issues beyond the Club’s control; or due to weather or flooding; or health conditions, like Covid-19; or other government restrictions that cause the Club close for some period of time; etc., etc.

Pheasants are live animals and as such a perishable commodity. They are not something the Club is able “put back on the shelf” or simply keep in our pens until next season. We contract for birds many months in advance of their release, based on the Club’s actual and anticipated sales for the upcoming season, and we are not able to return extra birds to our bird breeders.

We appreciate your business and hope that you will understand the reason behind our refund policy and its limitations.