Royal Gun Dogs – Dog Training

Richard Gebhart started training dogs professionally in 2002.

Under Billy Sargenti, Richard worked with varying levels of Field Trial retrievers. This is where he learned the Rex Carr method for Retriever Basics.  In 2013, and under            Steve Klassen he expanded his training experience with pointers and other upland breeds at Blue Ridge Kennels.  His experience includes top level field trial and hunt test dogs, to your everyday hunting and home companion.

As an avid upland and waterfowl hunter, he understands and appreciates the teamwork between the hunter and well-trained gundog,  and how it specifically enhances the hunting experience, as well as reducing lost game. Richard is active in the AKC retriever-hunt test community, and has run and qualified at an AKC Master National.  He also runs dogs and assists clients at local weekend AKC retriever hunt tests.

His Training Philosophy:  Balance, encouraging the hunting drive and desire in the dog, coupled with the necessary “team player” attitude to develop an exceptional hunting partner or competitive team.  Richard also enjoys training the handlers alongside their dogs in either one on one, and or group lessons.

For more information, and or to book a training session with Richard Gebhart, please call him directly at (530) 341-4496.  We’re certain his training, and years of experience will assist both you and your companion in gaining the confidence and skills to up your hunting game.