1st Annual Becoming An Outdoors Woman Pheasant Hunt

If I had to use one word to sum up my weekend spent at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve it would have to be extraordinary. Everything from the sunset to the people to the food was more than I ever thought it could be.

Once arriving at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve on Friday, all of the ladies involved in Becoming An Outdoors-Woman (BOW), met in the club house to meet one another, and to find out what the weekend had in store for us. Saturday morning we went to the club house for breakfast, we then got a chance to shoot a round of trap and get familiar with our guns.  We were able to enjoy the scenery and meet some of the other guests at the club.  For dinner Saturday night we had salad, pheasant, asparagus, wild rice, vegetables, dessert.  Being able to try the pheasant before hunting was something that I was very excited about. This way I knew that what I was hunting was something that I was going to enjoy eating.

Before we knew it morning was upon us and it was time to see what hunting was all about. All the BOW ladies were broken up into hunting groups of 3 ladies, 1 handler, and hunting dog. As we started out in the field to learn how to hunt  Right out the gate our dog, Star, found us a pheasant. Gary, our Guide, walked us though everything. We could not have asked for a better Guide, he explained everything and made it safe and fun. The three of us girls in the group were able to flush out and shoot a pheasant. The feeling of excitement and adrenalin that I felt as I saw Star find and point out a pheasant, walking up to it and flushing it out, waiting for it to fly up, aiming and firing, watching Star bring the pheasant back, was something that I will never forget. After the hunt I could not wait to cook the pheasant and be able to share my story with my family.  And to my excitement my husband now wants to go with me to Hastings Island and become a member there.




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