August 2018 Hunter Safety

The Club hosted another fun hunter safety class August 25-26th.  Seventeen students of all ages took the class, with over a 92% pass rate.  Thank you again to Mark Phelps and Dennis DeAnda for devoting their time to helping promote the next generation of hunters.  Although you can now take Hunter Education online, there is nothing more meaningful than having a seasoned educator provide you with hands on instruction.  Thank you again, Mark and Dennis!!

Home for the Holiday Hunt

Here is a pic of Tom Bacci’s hunt out at Hastings the a few days after Christmas…his son Tanner on the far right from OSU and his best friend Mason from Chico were both home for the Holidays…my wife Heather tagged along as camera woman and I was just the guide keeping an eye on my dog Benelli…great time and if anyone says there are not enough birds in the field, you need to tell them to slow down…we picked up several birds after I watched groups hunt the exact fields…we got 7, and thanks to the “bird Gods” my shooters can’t shoot, they missed 8 over point…my card would have been punched out…


2015 Fall Annual Trap Shoot Results

2015 Fall Annual Trap Shoot Results

This Season’s Annual Trap Shoot drew a field of 15 shooters, striving to capture the Club’s perpetual trophy. With a breezy early morning, the shooting was very competitive, with many misses were recorded and leaving the contest wide open through the first two rounds. Returning champions were present, along with some new contestants, but the weather made for a challenging series of rounds as the morning progressed.

The wind died off around noon, with five shooters in the final round, all having scores within 3 clays of each other. As the smoke from the final shells settled, there was a tie. Ben Stokes and Robert Holland, both past champions, began the shoot-out for the title with scores of 89. A tense round ensued, but after the fourth station, Ben Stokes took the title and trophy with 110. Bob Holland came in second with 109, and Gino Basso ended in third. After the shoot everyone enjoyed a BBQ lunch.Ben Stokes

2nd Annual Becoming an Outdoors Woman

2nd Annual Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman, California held its Annual Pheasant Hunt at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve in October. Of course it was an amazing event! There were 15 hunters who were very excited to learn more about pheasant hunting from their mentors. They all arrived on Friday and set up their campsites.
“Friday evening was a social time in the clubhouse where we were treated to appetizers including some smoked pheasant compliments of HIHP. It was a chilly evening and we all gathered around the fireplace. No one wanted to leave but we had to get up early the next morning.
On Saturday morning we hosted a Hunter Education class for two of the gals who wanted to get their licenses. They both passed and went into town to get their FIRST hunting license! So proud of them…and while they took their follow-up class, the rest of the group was treated to dog demonstrations. What a morning.
After lunch we all went to the trap range and broke clays all afternoon. Sounds like a perfect day, right? Well, the best was yet to come. Saturday evening we were lavished with a sumptuous dinner from salad to dessert. The main attraction was Rob’s Chukar Cacciatore. Thank you to the chef and all of the sous chefs. It was fabulous. Every year it just gets better and better. I can’t wait for 2016!
Saturday evening Mother Nature gave us a lightning and thunder show we’ll never forget. It was as if the cell hung over the parking lot and didn’t move. Lightning lit up the sky every several seconds. The thunder was deafening and the rain just kept pouring down. Many of the gals were in tents and although no one complained, we had a few who were a little nervous. It was truly spectacular. Thank you again HIHP – I don’t know how you arranged such a show but let’s do it again next year!
Sunday morning’s weather was everything you’d want it to be; calm winds, sunny and beautiful. All of the mentors were ready to take out their hunters. The conditions couldn’t have been more perfect. All came back with birds and some hunted into the afternoon to get their limit. An ideal weekend.
Thank you again HIHP for hosting this event. And thank you to the HIHP staff who kept things rolling flawlessly and created a warm and happy memory for all of us.”

Writtern By
Susan Herrgesel President BOWBOW Group

1st Annual Becoming An Outdoors Woman Pheasant Hunt

If I had to use one word to sum up my weekend spent at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve it would have to be extraordinary. Everything from the sunset to the people to the food was more than I ever thought it could be.

Once arriving at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve on Friday, all of the ladies involved in Becoming An Outdoors-Woman (BOW), met in the club house to meet one another, and to find out what the weekend had in store for us. Saturday morning we went to the club house for breakfast, we then got a chance to shoot a round of trap and get familiar with our guns.  We were able to enjoy the scenery and meet some of the other guests at the club.  For dinner Saturday night we had salad, pheasant, asparagus, wild rice, vegetables, dessert.  Being able to try the pheasant before hunting was something that I was very excited about. This way I knew that what I was hunting was something that I was going to enjoy eating.

Before we knew it morning was upon us and it was time to see what hunting was all about. All the BOW ladies were broken up into hunting groups of 3 ladies, 1 handler, and hunting dog. As we started out in the field to learn how to hunt  Right out the gate our dog, Star, found us a pheasant. Gary, our Guide, walked us though everything. We could not have asked for a better Guide, he explained everything and made it safe and fun. The three of us girls in the group were able to flush out and shoot a pheasant. The feeling of excitement and adrenalin that I felt as I saw Star find and point out a pheasant, walking up to it and flushing it out, waiting for it to fly up, aiming and firing, watching Star bring the pheasant back, was something that I will never forget. After the hunt I could not wait to cook the pheasant and be able to share my story with my family.  And to my excitement my husband now wants to go with me to Hastings Island and become a member there.




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